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The Reasons Why VSC Gives Away So Many Free Bonus Gifts (worth up to $17,000) To Each Client

At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), many clients ask why we give away so many Free Bonus Gifts (worth up to $17,000 for each client). So, what is the catch here?

The answer is quite simple. There is NO catch. Anybody who comes from the fashion industry knows that, if you don’t have all the sewing machines, equipment, and tools, you simply cannot make a professional looking garment. This is a fact. And, if you don’t have the right techniques, you are doomed to fail in the fashion industry.

We give our clients brand-new professional sewing machines, equipment, and tools so they can practise and master all of their technical skills as soon as they arrive in their home or studio. The FREE Bonus Gifts allow our clients to immediately begin their skill training, practicum, and exploration of the world of apparel sewing and design, as well as making money right out of the gate. Our clients will get to sew garments each week to sell, while they learn new sewing techniques from VSC. They are able to incorporate new techniques into the array of pre-existing ones they already learned in previous lessons with us. Our clients are able to layer all of these techniques together and create new ones.


We Need More Decency and Respect If We Want to Restore Humanity in The Fashion Industry

After the Covid-19 pandemic, we seem to be seeing more and more unruly behavior by people coming to Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), with negative attitudes and feelings of entitlement. Let’s be realistic here: most people come to VSC is to learn a practical life skill, either as a hobby or as a profession. Our staff are here to help you achieve your goals; our mission is to help you become successful in your future endeavours. Our motto has always been, “your success is our success”. We are not like those fake schools that scam and steal people’s money. As a matter of fact, we have given away over $850,000 in FREE BONUS GIFTS over the years, and we will continue to do so, to support our clients in achieving success in the fashion industry! In fact, we are the ONLY organization in the world that is doing this! We are very proud of this huge accomplishment! Do you know ANY fashion sewing studio, college, university or academy doing this to help their students to succeed? NONE. We are doing all this to help you build and perfect your technical skills, business acumen, fashion brand, portfolio, reputation, experience and confidence, as well as make money and profits. Do you think your school or other sewing studio will bend their back to help you achieve your success?


Vancouver Sewing Classes Has Many Unique Vibes – It’s Called Sewing and Pattern Drafting

We are living in strange times and the world is very fragile. People are behaving very oddly. At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we have had a few incidents in the past, and also fairly recently, where clients came into our facility to check out the vibe of our industrial fashion design studio. First of all, VSC is a design production facility, where we do custom design work for our private clients. Secondly, we are a commercial industrial sewing studio, where we teach our clients how to cut, sew and finish garments in three hours.


Learn Fashion Design at Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) and You Will Get Real Value and Real Results!

Many people who get into fashion without the proper technical skills training are losing up to $60,000 per year on their investment, without even knowing it, because they have to hire somebody to do all of the pattern drafting, sewing, grading and Tech Pack to help them create their fashion line. In fact, many Canadian and American designer contractors or garment factories charge their clients up to $5,000 per style for each sample to be made, which means, if you have four samples to create each season, it will cost you a whopping $20,000 just for one season, and, if you are doing two seasons each year, it will cost you an astronomical $40,000! For that amount of money, you might as well learn the REAL SKILLS of technical fashion design at VSC because you will spend far less in the long run, gain a whole lot more in technical skills, experience and knowledge, AND your business will already be established and you will have a great product to launch at the end.

This is why many people come to VSC to learn how to draft and grade their own patterns, sew their own samples and create their own Tech Packs, so they can work directly with garment factories in Southeast Asia to produce their fashion apparel line at a fraction of the cost. You do not need to work with North American fashion contractors and garment manufacturers; if you do, you will run out of money fast, and be gouged in many different directions.


How to Register, Pay In-Person and Book Your Lesson at Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC)

Firstly, you need to figure out which program(s) you would like to register for and, once you know which program(s) you want to enrol in and pay for, you need to then either email us at OR call us at (604) 879-2100 to arrange a date and time to meet with us in-person at our fashion design studio (located at: 1229 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC) so you can register/sign up and pay in-person.

After you register and pay in-person (pre-paid program) at our fashion design studio, you can then book your lesson in-person (at the time of registration) OR you can call us at (604) 879-2100 OR you can book online at


Perception is a Reality for Many Fashion Design Graduates!

Every year, VSC gets so many fashion graduates from elite design schools reaching out to us for assistance but, painfully, it is often far too late because they have no money left to enrol in our Fashion Design Long Programs. VSC is not a non-profit organization nor a charity; therefore, if you are a fashion graduate that got screwed over by your fashion school, we cannot help you to recover the money taken by your design school. Quite often, we ask these fashion graduates why they did not come to Vancouver Sewing Classes in the first place to get their technical skills training, instead of investing all of their money into a fashion institution, and their answer is always the same: because their fashion school is very posh, pretty and offers a degree. So, we ask these fashion graduates, “How did that fashion degree/diploma help you with your job search?” And their answer is always the same: “I couldn’t get a job in the fashion industry”.


The Best Advice for People Getting into Fashion Design: Make Smart Choices and Intelligent Decisions

To be successful in the fashion industry, your early preparation is the key to your future success, which means you must be diligent in doing your homework and researching far ahead of time. It is imperative to make smart choices to avoid getting scammed and financially ruined. Today, fashion institutions are solely in the business of gouging people left, right and centre. They do not act in your best interests, and they will wipe out your entire bank account, as well as getting you into huge student loan debt, which will take you a decade to pay off. Every year, many people get scammed by these unethical fashion schools and their students are literally and completely clueless. At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we hear these stories quite often and it is so disheartening to see so many naïve high school students following the same path of self destruction, like all the ones that went before them. It is horrific to see these fresh high school students getting robbed by these predatory fashion institutions. This will have a major detrimental effect on their mental health and well-being. Over the years, we have met countless past and present fashion design students telling us about their horrible experiences and the depression they had to endure after they graduated from their design school.

Quite frankly, you might want to check out and read all the Google reviews posted online by these schools’ own fashion graduates, and yet many people do not take the time to do their research thoroughly. Many of these fashion graduates have already invested $50,000 plus, while others have spent as much as $100,000 to $500,000, and yet they cannot find a job or do not have any funds left to start their own fashion business because these fashion institutions have sucked them dry financially. So, having said that, we highly recommend that everyone does their research thoroughly and not spend all of their money on any of these shady fashion design schools.


NEW Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – VSC Will Respond to All of Them

At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we receive over a hundred questions each week, and we attempt to answer all of them. For complicated questions, or if you want to know the cost and program duration of any specific Fashion Design Long Program, we strongly encourage you to contact us through email at to arrange a meeting in-person with one of our instructors. We would be happy to spend time with you to answer all of your questions at our fashion design facility. Since we have so many lessons to teach throughout the day, we will not be able to answer all of your questions over the telephone. Please contact us through our email for an in-person consultation.

Please carefully read and review all of the relevant information on our website before you contact us, so you can make a well-informed decision. Otherwise, you are wasting your own time by asking the same questions that we have repeatedly answered on our website, blogs, and Facebook page. We believe that we are much more open and transparent than any other fashion design school or sewing studio.

From time to time, we do have clients, who had requested an in-person consultation appointment far in advance, not show up, without emailing or calling us, on the day of the scheduled appointment, effectively ghosting us. This is not acceptable and unprofessional. If someone treats us that way, we will not work with that person again. Our time is just as precious as your time.

And, finally, we do have people ask us for industry contacts without enrolling in one of our programs. Unfortunately, our industry and supplier contacts are reserved only for our paying clients. We have spent many years and a lot of time and money building our network of contacts all over the world, and we simply cannot provide that information to anyone if they are not a paying client of ours. In addition, please do not ask for a discount on any of our programs because, if you are looking for an inexpensive, lower quality program and you don’t care about what and how you learn, we are not the right fit for you. At VSC you get exactly what you pay for, which is a high-quality education and practical life skills training.


Fashion Design Schools Are Teaching Fashion Business and Merchandising NOT Fashion Design

Today, all fashion schools are teaching fashion business and merchandising NOT fashion design. The truth is that many of these fashion institutions are actively misleading their students. Unfortunately, many people who apply to these design schools can’t seem to see through the lies and the deception behind these fashion institutions. If you do analyze these school fashion design programs carefully, you will see that many of their courses and programs focus heavily on fashion marketing and merchandising, rather than actual technical fashion design skills training.


Learning One-on-One Versus Group Lessons

Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) has been teaching “one-on-one” since 2011, but now every sewing studio and fashion institution is copying VSC. Unfortunately for them, they are failing miserably trying to replicate our success. It is very misleading and deceptive when a sewing studio or fashion institution advertises and claims that it is teaching “one-on-one”, when they have packed a class full of students (6 to 30 people in one room) with only one instructor looking after the entire class. This is why people get scammed every day, without even knowing it. At VSC, our instructor only teaches one client per class (NOT 6 to 30 students in a room) and per lesson. There is nothing to compare to learning one-on-one. You learn a lot more and at your own pace. When you are learning in a group environment, quite often you will be waiting around a lot and be ignored. You learn a lot less and you most likely will not get a chance to complete your project on your own terms because you simply run out of time. The quality of your education will be quite disappointing and, as a result, you waste your own time, money and resources. Learning one-on-one is the best and the most effective way of learning, if you truly care about what you learn. Obviously, you want the best practical results for your hard-earned money and investment.

At VSC, you get what you pay for, which is quality and a guarantee of impressive results. We offer flexible schedules and a positive learning environment, so our clients can excel in their technical skills training and gain real practical experience. In a group session, there are so many distractions, disruptions, chaos, and dramas that it takes all the fun and excitement out of learning a new life skill.