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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: If you register in any of the VSC Fashion Design Long Programs now you can receive up to $11,149.00 in FREE BONUS GIFTS!

Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) is an industrial fashion design studio created in 2011. VSC is NOT a school. We create a safe learning environment to help people understand that fashion design is a trade skill not an academic field. Furthermore, we teach and train our clients with practical trade skills so they can make a good professional living without spending $45,000 to $150,000 on their fashion training or wasting one to four years of their life in an academic institution. VSC helps clients gain plenty of experience and confidence. In addition, VSC helps clients control their own fate and create their own business opportunities. Life is short – why waste time and money in one to four years in an academic fashion school when you can accomplish a lot more, while spending less, and achieve everything in less than one year of learning practical fashion trade skills at VSC. A fashion diploma/degree is completely useless if you have no real fashion technical trade skills and no relevant experience. Why spend all your money with a fashion design institution that cannot guarantee your career success, while you have no money left to start-up your own fashion line or business because the school has already taken all your money, and you have no real practical fashion design skills to even get a job in the apparel industry?!?

For example, rather than spending your entire $45,000 to upwards of $150,000 of your savings/loans on a fashion design institution, you can invest a small portion of that money in learning REAL practical fashion design trade skills at VSC, then use the remaining money to fund your own fashion line or business. We strongly encourage all student clients to invest 50%-70% of their school tuition fees into their business equity, capital and branding, rather than handing over 100% of their hard-earned money to a fashion college or university.

At VSC, we believe that your success is our success because we deliver REAL RESULTS! A fashion design career/business offer many great opportunities, and the sky is the limit, if you are “willing to commit 100%”, “make the time to learn” and “put in the effort”. Nothing is impossible if you love what you do!


VSC offers many GREAT ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS to our clients:

*Gain a real-life trade skill and generate unlimited income.

*Provides you with a practical life skill to get into the film industry union.

*Helps you to prepare professional top-notch garments for your fashion design school application and scholarship.

*Flexible schedule, all year-round classes, so you can have a more balanced study/work/play lifestyle.

*Easy, reliable and convenient booking system, where you can book anytime and receive a booking confirmation in less than 24 hours for all your lessons.

*All classes are taught instructional “ONE-ON-ONE”, which allows you to learn a lot more content and techniques than in a regular classroom setting and get “ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION” in each individual lesson.

*All programs and lessons are well-structured with the main emphasis on creativity, components, elements, techniques, and constructions; learn all the tricks of the trade from around the world; fully understand the basic foundations, master the techniques and know how to connect them all together.

*Every single pattern sloper/block you draft OR garment you stitch together is meticulously inspected and corrected to perfection by the fashion instructor in each lesson.

*Learn how to design innovative garments that are marketable and profitable.

*Learn how to sew, pattern draft, French drape or pattern grade professionally, at your own pace, from an experienced fashion industry expert and educator.

*All classes and lessons are 100% hands-on learning; you will gain hundreds of hours of work experience practicum and confidence.

*Depending on your Fashion Design Long Program selection, you will receive one or up to $11,149.00 in BONUS FREE GIFTS, such as a Juki industrial sewing machines, a Singer domestic sewing machine, a Juki overlock domestic sewing machine, Juki industrial overlock serger, Juki coverstitch sewing machine, industrial iron board, industrial iron with a water boiler, up to 35 sewing foot attachments, a designer’s dressmaker dress form, and a complete sewing/drafting tools to help launch your business off the ground quickly, gain experience, and get a head start in your career, while you receive your training at VSC.

*Receive up to 2000 valuable Southeast Asian garment factory and suppliers contact listings from overseas, so you can start your own production instantly, save labour cost dramatically and stay ahead of your competitors.

*Assist you in creating a successful business strategy.

*Receive up to 40 TECHNICAL FASHION DESIGN TEXTBOOKS (RETAIL VALUE $5,000), 12,000 pages of notes, formulas and theories for pattern drafting, sewing, French draping, pattern grading, Tech Pack, fitting, business marketing, and fashion merchandising strategy (you no longer need to waste money and spend several thousand dollars on college/university textbooks).

*Provide you with full access to an unlimited supply of muslin, plotting paper, drafting paper, Manila paper, pattern hooks, threads, shoulder pads, boning, hooks, buttons, zippers, etc. No need to spend more money.

*Provide you with full access to over 35 dress forms (sizes 2-20 female dress forms and sizes 36-42 male dress forms) to work with in our fashion design workroom.

*Provide you with full access to over 17 industrial and domestic sewing machines for you to sew.

*Supply you with a full collection of the most expensive imported magazines from New York, which are not available in Canada, such as Collezioni, GapPress, Runway, Close Up, iHola!, PRECOLLECTIONS, Textile Reports, ColoRules, CLOSE-UP STYLEBOOK DENIM, etc., so you can get all the latest fashion forecasts and trends from all around the world.

*Advise you how to create a strong cash-flow business plan and make good profits.

*Assist you in creating a tactical plan for your distribution network channel, so you can sell your products locally and globally.


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