We are living in strange times and the world is very fragile.  People are behaving very oddly.  At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we have had a few incidents in the past, and also fairly recently, where clients came into our facility to check out the vibe of our industrial fashion design studio.  First of all, VSC is a design production facility, where we do custom design work for our private clients.  Secondly, we are a commercial industrial sewing studio, where we teach our clients how to cut, sew and finish garments in three hours.

So having said that, VSC is not a nightclub with a disco ball hanging on our ceiling.  People forget that VSC is an industrial sewing and a design facility making patterns and sewing garment samples for the fashion industry.  It is NOT a beauty parlor or a five-star spa resort hotel for the curious to come and learn how to sew and make patterns.  This is not a Martha Stewart sewing studio, where you come to sit, drink tea and socialize.  There is no champagne or caviar hors d’oeuvre served by Paris Hilton.

If you are looking for a chic, high-end posh sewing studio, we are not the right fit for you because our sewing/design room layout is exactly identical to all of the garment factories’ sampling/production rooms around the world.  So, the only vibes our clients will get are the ones from working hard sewing, pattern drafting, French draping, creating Tech Pack, fashion illustration and pattern grading.  Please be realistic and practical about the vibe you are seeking.  You are coming to learn how to cut, sew and make professional garments to wear or to sell online or in a retail store.  VSC is not a place to play Barbie or find a nightclub vibe.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.