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In Fashion “Success Is All About Building a Trusting Relationship”

Every successful business will require a trusting relationship, especially in the fashion industry. Whether you are a designer, buyer, contractor, or fashion entrepreneur, you want to start building relationships as soon as you enter the apparel industry. In fashion, success is ALL about building relationships with the people around you. Trust is something you must earn, and when the trust is gone, there is no relationship on any level, whether it is business or personal.


Fashion Design is the Most Respected Occupation in the World

Fashion design, as an occupation, is one of the most respected careers in the world. Many fashion designers get to dress famous celebrities and powerful people around the world. Everyone loves fashion designers because their job is to dress people and make them appear glamorous, confident, and beautiful. Everybody hates politicians, lawyers, judges, police officers, etc. When you are a fashion designer, everybody wants to be your BFF. There are so many great privileges when you become a fashion designer: you get to travel all around the world; you get to meet many different kinds of people; you get to hangout with celebrities; you get to attend cool parties and award shows; you get to meet many of the stars you always admired; you literally get to see and experience so many different things that most people will never get to see or experience in their lifetime. There is an old saying, “if there is no fashion design, there is no Hollywood.” When you become a fashion designer, your job is to make people happy and that is the greatest gift you can give someone you care about. So, when you choose fashion design as your career, you are doing it because you are truly passionate about creating something you love that is very close to your heart. Fashion design can heal all wounds and conflicts, and, at the same time, it can also unite the world in peace and unity.


Becoming a Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur at VSC Is a Privilege

These days, many fashion design schools and sewing studios are so desperate that they would encourage their staff to behave like a predatory pack of wolves by stalking and harassing their potential clients with persistent and aggressive spam emails, texts, and phone calls that can go on for days, weeks and even months. However, at Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we believe that, if you are destined to become a fashion designer/entrepreneur, you will become one, which means there is no need for us to persuade or pressure our clients. This is the biggest reason why VSC would never phone, email, chase and pursue our clients like hunted animals. If you don’t enroll with us, you are simply not meant to be with us, and that is your fate and destiny.


Knowledge, Skill and Experience is Power

The more technical skills and knowledge you have, the more power you will have in your life and in your career. These days, if you have a strong desire to succeed in the fashion industry, you need to be skillful in sewing, pattern drafting, French draping, pattern grading, etc. Without these valuable and crucial technical skills, you will have a very challenging time in the apparel industry. At the end of the day, knowledge, skill and experience is true power and, without it, you have no chance of succeeding. If you have the power to control your own fate through your knowledge, skill and experience, you will have a very happy life and a prosperous career.


Fashion Schools Can Never Replicate the Success of Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC)

The success of VSC is a result of our creative formula. There are six key advantages that we provide to our clients that NO other fashion design school or sewing studio can offer their students or graduates:

1. We give away FREE Bonus Gifts (with a value up to $15,000.00) to our clients to keep and own, such as industrial sewing machines, dress forms, industrial irons with boilers, ironing boards, professional sewing and drafting tools and equipment, etc. Success is all about early preparation, which means that our clients will have all of the essential professional machinery and equipment right out of the gate, to help launch their careers so they can head down the right path early and develop their technical skills, gain experience, and make extra passive income at the same time. Our clients are able to design and create garments to sell, while learning their technical skills at VSC.

2. We help and guide our clients in how to set up their own businesses. Sadly, no design school or sewing studio will assist their students to set up their own fashion business.

3. We provide contacts for Southeast Asian garment manufacturers to our clients, so they can do all their sampling and production at a fraction of the usual cost. We have our people on the ground in Southeast Asia to assist our clients in doing all their sampling and mass production, whereas none of the fashion design schools have any people on the ground or other resources in Southeast Asia to help their students start their own fashion line.


Sewing Is Not Complicated, People Make It Complicated Because of Bad Techniques

Sewing should be effortless, simple, easy and stress-free. If you find sewing stressful, difficult or complicated, it is likely because you have poor sewing technique. When you have good sewing technique/skills, you will make fewer mistakes and you will spend less time unpicking your stitches. Nobody likes to unpick stitches or seams, so, if you want to make sewing less complicated for yourself, it is imperative that you learn good sewing techniques from Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), so you will have a great time sewing something you can be proud of creating and wearing. Sewing doesn’t need to be complicated if you take the time to improve your sewing skills by investing in a good and practical sewing program that provides you with the foundations from the ground up. You must make the time and effort to learn all the basics, if you want to make your sewing less complicated and enjoyable for yourself.


If You Don’t Like the Pressure Working in the Fashion Industry, This May Be the Wrong Profession for You

If you don’t enjoy working in a high-pressure environment, don’t get into the fashion industry! In reality, the fashion business has no room for people who cannot handle pressure. Fashion is a fast-paced business that does not tolerate people who are procrastinators or under-performers. The fashion business itself is designed for ambitious people who love to make a lot of money and live the high life. The industry will test your limits and, sometimes, it even makes you live life on the edge. If you enjoy the daily pressure, you will thrive in this business because every executive decision you make on a daily basis will have a great impact on your business/career, so it will either make you or break you. Fashion design is also about taking some risk. If you don’t take risks, you will never know your full potential in your career or how much profit you might be able to make. The fashion industry is also a lucrative business, where you can make millions of dollars overnight, if you have the right products to sell or choose the right niche.


Patience is a Virtue and Practice Makes Perfect

There is no shortcut to success, when it comes to sewing. Sewing and fashion design is a trade skill, it is not an academic field. So, if you want to be truly successful in fashion, you must make the time to practice your skills; otherwise, you will be choosing the wrong profession for your career! Yes, “patience is a virtue”. It may sound cliche but it is the reality of fashion. If you want to become a fashion designer, you must learn how to sew, and sew well; otherwise, who is going to stitch your garment together? Nobody will be able to see your idea or vision, or read your mind – you must be able to bring your design concept to life through sewing. You must make the time to practice, and you must remain focused, calm and patient. Sewing requires a lot of practice and repetition to help build your long-term muscle memory. Sewing is very similar to driving – once you learn the skill, you will never forget how to do it – but you still need to practice to truly master the skill. In learning how to sew properly and professionally, it is best to follow your mother’s advice, “Practice makes perfect”.


Choosing the Right Fashion Career Path Is So Important in This Day and Age

At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we help plan, design and charter our clients’ career paths to ensure and guarantee their success in the fashion industry. We mentor, advise and guide them in how to set-up their own business; we teach our clients how to design their own logos, tags, labels and packaging for their business and branding; we teach our clients how to do photoshop and graphic design artwork for their garments; we teach and train our clients how to design, draft pattern blocks and use blocks/ slopers to create any garment of their choice; we train our clients how to sew professionally from scratch to complete a full garment in each sewing lesson; we teach our clients how to drape couture design on red carpet events; we teach our clients how to grade pattern in different sizes and stitch them together into a garment; we teach our clients how to prepare tech packs and send them overseas to South East Asia to have their sample made and mass produced; we teach our clients how to mediate, liaise, communicate and negotiate pricing with garment factories; we teach and guide our clients how to create a marketing plan to sell and distribute their products; we teach our clients how to do their fittings and communicate with the garment manufacturers overseas; we teach our clients how to copy ready-made garments from big brand-name labels from scratch with or without a block pattern; we teach our clients how to create a size chart; we teach our clients how to interpret the tech pack to create a pattern then cut and sew it into a garment from scratch: we teach our clients how to do their own market research and find the right niche for their fashion business.


A Fashion Design Career is a Privilege Not a Burden

There are many great benefits in choosing fashion design as a career over all other professions. For one, you get to travel around the world, learn about new cultures/languages, discover new adventures, as well as try great cuisine. Secondly, your day-to-day tasks are always different – expect the unexpected from sourcing, sampling, production and marketing. Life is always much more interesting when you are working and traveling on the other side of the world, where you get to meet some really cool and interesting people along the way. The scenery is never the same or boring, and the workload is always challenging. The best part is that you get to make money and, at the same time, enjoy living your life to the fullest, unlike regular 9-to-5 jobs, where you are stuck in a small office cubicle and don’t get to travel or earn a decent salary. In addition, working for someone else usually means that you have to deal with a cranky boss or mean coworkers on a daily basis, and suffer through all the usual dramas at your workplace! Working for yourself is, by far, more rewarding than working for someone else because you get to keep all the profits you earn for yourself. Why would you want to work so hard making your boss richer, while your life is going nowhere and your pay stays the same year after year? A career in fashion design is a privilege, not a burden, when you can have so many great options to grow your career, and increase your wealth.