In the 21st Century, you no longer need to attend a fashion school to become a successful fashion designer, tailor, or seamstress. The only essential technical skills you need to become a good designer, sewer, patternmaker, or a sample maker are sewing, pattern drafting, pattern grading, French draping, and a good knowledge of Tech Pack. Everything else you learn in school is absolutely bogus and irrelevant. I have over three decades of experience in the fashion industry and I have travelled all over Asia. I have also visited hundreds of garment factories and met thousands of fashion designers, tailors, sewing operators, pattern makers, pattern graders/cutters and seamstresses. Quite frankly, all of the people I have met spend most of their day, everyday, making patterns to grade, and cutting and sewing garments to sell or deliver to their clients, whether in their own home, a factory, a fashion studio, a retail store/shop, a showroom, or even right on a city sidewalk. You do not need a fashion degree or diploma to become a great designer or a tailor/seamstress. Nobody cares!

Unfortunately, no fashion school can teach you the full 100% hands-on technical skills (sewing, pattern drafting, pattern grading, French draping and Tech Pack) you need to succeed in the fashion industry, when you spend far too much time learning about theory, studying from outdated classroom textbooks, writing essays and taking exams, instead of spending your time mastering all of the technical skills you will need to create garments to sell to your clients/vendors, so you can pay all of your bills to survive in this world. For those who are currently studying fashion design in any fashion institutions, you are wasting your time, resources and money. In the fashion industry, nobody cares what you learned in fashion school, on the contrary, all they care about is what technical skills and experience you possess to benefit their business, and, if you cannot create a garment in three hours, you wasted your time and money learning fashion design at a fashion school. In this industry, time is money and if you cannot create and finish a garment on a tight deadline, you are going to become unemployed or, even worse, forever jobless in this competitive fashion business. You need to fully master 100% of your technical skills and craft, NOT 10% or 20% of whatever you learned from your fashion design school!

At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we have over 200 programs for you to choose from, whether you want to learn professional sewing, pattern drafting, pattern grading, French draping, Tech Pack, fashion illustration, and so on, because we offer it all to everybody! We can also personalize, customize and tailor any program to fit your budget and interests. At VSC, we focus on helping you learn 100% hands-on technical skill training and making garments to sell, so you get to keep all of the money you earn while mastering your skills. You will also gain a lot more experience by creating our weekly practicum garment to sell, so you can earn some passive income while building your portfolio on several social media platforms, as well as creating, building and establishing your label branding on Facebook, Marketplace, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, etc. It is imperative that you learn fashion business acumen at the earliest stage of your training to truly understand how the apparel industry operates and how to create a healthy cash-flow for your fashion business. No fashion school can teach you how to master the checks and balances for your expenses and revenues or about the true world of fashion versus fashion schools’ fake reality (school letter grades and pointless school projects that make no sense in the real world).

Best of all, VSC teaches you all the tricks of the trade, and how to refine your techniques so you can become more efficient. We offer the best and biggest Free Bonus Gifts (worth up to $17,000) for you to keep, so you can continue your journey to success, whether you are learning these life skills as a hobby, career or a business. No fashion schools or sewing studios are giving away Free Bonus Gifts (all BRAND-NEW Singer domestic sewing machines and industrial Juki machines, Juki Sergers, Juki Cover Stitchers, Designer’s dressmaker dress forms, professional industrial steam irons with boilers, and iron stations, complete drafting tools, complete sewing kits, and so on) like VSC! Furthermore, we help connect (free of charge) many of our clients to work with garment factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, and Myanmar to create their own samples, as well as assist them to do production with great workmanship at a very low price point! Unfortunately, no fashion schools or sewing studios can help their students do any sampling or production in Southeast Asia at a fraction of the cost. We offer the most flexible schedule so you can have that balanced work/study/play lifestyle. And, finally, VSC is the only fashion organization that truly looks out for your best interests and has your back. We only teach “One-On-One”; we do not teach any group lessons. Because VSC is not a school, there is nothing to compare with us when you learn “One-On-One” at VSC! Please check out our Google reviews and you will see the results in what our clients have to say about us when they learn “One-On-One” with VSC.

Many of our competitors try to copy what we do by claiming they teach one-on-one when, in fact, they are teaching groups of up to six students in their classroom/program, so please be aware of these scams.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.