Success, happiness and fulfilment are what everybody is desperately trying to achieve these days. Unfortunately, in the current environment of our world today, nobody is looking out for you, whether it is your current boss, your co-worker, our prime minister, our provincial premier, your city mayor, politicians, friends, and so on. Tragically, it seems as if the world is now “every man for himself”. You are not alone. You don’t have to live paycheque to paycheque, feeling numb. You need to take control of your life and start controlling your fate and destiny, and never let others drag you down because they are jealous of your new mission in life. Life is extremely short, so choose a path and a career that makes you feel good, passionate and fulfilled. It is never too late to change your path, create a new chapter in your life and make everything right for yourself.

“Since you only have one life to live, do what you love and what is best for yourself!”

Choose a fashion design career and get yourself into the fashion industry where you will have total control running your own business. Best of all, you can free yourself from all the crazy drama and toxic workplaces you may have been dealing with most of your life. A fashion design career will bring you a lot of joy and fulfilment because you will no longer have to report to a demanding employer anymore. Instead, everything you earn you get to keep for yourself. Why work hard for others when you can work for yourself, set your own work schedule, have more time for yourself to do what you love and become wealthier?!? Working for others may have detrimental consequences for your health and mental well-being. Why sell your soul to your employer and torture your body for nothing? Furthermore, don’t let your fear and the thought of failure hold you back because doing nothing is not going to help you feel any better nor will it help you to advance your career, earn more money, and improve your lifestyle. You need a practical solution; you need to take real action and make big changes in your life if you truly want to be successful, happy, and fulfilled! Life doesn’t need to be complicated, if you make the right choices.

There is nothing that compares to learning one-on-one at Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC)! We only teach “One-On-One”; we do not teach any group lessons. VSC teaches you all the tricks of the trade, and how to refine your techniques so you can become more efficient. We offer the best and biggest Free Bonus Gifts (worth up to $17,000) for you to keep, so you can continue your journey to success, whether you are learning these life skills as a hobby, career or a business. No fashion schools or sewing studios are giving away Free Bonus Gifts (all BRAND-NEW Singer domestic sewing machines and industrial Juki machines, Juki Sergers, Juki Cover Stitchers, Designer’s dressmaker dress forms, professional industrial steam irons with boilers, and iron stations, complete drafting tools, complete sewing kits, and so on) like VSC! We offer flexible schedules for all our clients, and we teach our clients how to design, cut, sew, and finish each garment within three hours in every single class. Please check out our Google reviews and you will see the results in what our clients have to say about us when they learn “One-On-One” with VSC.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.