“Taking the fashion design program with Chris Falcon was the best decision I have made in my career choice. Chris offered me one-on-one lesson in the fall of 2012 on sewing, pattern drafting and French draping. I was so impressed with his teaching methods that I decided to stick with his program on a part-time basis for 2 more years and recently I completed his fashion entrepreneurship program. I really like the flexibility schedule in his program as well as the undivided attention to the fine details he invested on each of my individual lesson. The cost of his entrepreneurship program was far lessor than other fashion schools (2-4 years program). I didn’t have to purchase any textbooks, fashion magazines, muslins, zippers, pattern hooks, and pattern drafting paper since it was all inclusive in his program. Now, I am working on establishing my fashion line through Chris’s oversea garment manufacturer. Chris helped me save a bundle of money on my production line. He is so accommodating and helpful in guiding me through the whole process of production. If this was in a regular school setting, I would not have receive the same level of support and attention. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn from the best in the garment business.”


International Student

“Chris is a genius! To be quite frank, I was a real skeptic when I first discovered Chris’s fashion design program but once I enrolled in his program, I was absolutely ecstatic! Every lesson I learned something new and I get to make a garment from scratch. His Entrepreneurship program is a well-crafted and structured curriculum. There were so many technical things to learn in 9 months. I learned to draft 25 different slopers, I have sewn over 200 technique samples and I draped over 40 different apparel designs. I really like how Chris designed his program where you can mix and match different slopers to create from hundreds to thousands of different combinations of designs. Personally, I have never sewn in my entire life but Chris tailor-custom the program to my needs and now I am doing my own custom-design business in Hong Kong.
Technically, Chris’s program can only be described as a master degree program not a bachelor if you have to compare his program syllabus to other fashion colleges/universities. I like his style of teaching, it is full of clarity and great depth. His grading method is breathless! Highly recommended! Thanks Chris for all your help!”


International Student

“I decided to move to Vancouver in 2013 after studying 3 years of fashion design at one of the most prestigious school in London. I left the school in the UK because I felt the program was very artsy-fartsy. I was taught to create very eccentric design with no functionality which was not what I want to learn. I wanted to learn to design outfit that people can actually wear on the street. I did an extensive research online trying to find a program that suits my need. I found a lot of home base fashion studios that teach the basic stuffs you learn from high school or instructors who teach student to make garment that looks very home-made. Within a few months of searching, I finally found Chris Falcon at Vancouver Sewing Classes, I find his program to be very practical and organized. In a relatively short period of time, I was able to accomplish more than I have in my 3 years of college in London. I have made over 30 slopers, 40 garments, and 70 muslin prototype. In that period of time, I have gained a broader knowledge, confidence and experience in fashion than I have when I was studying in the UK. One of the great quality in Chris’s program I liked the most was being able to make wearable designs that I can sell online. Chris has a solution for everything no matter how difficult the task may be. Currently, I am using these slopers to create samples for my online fashion business. VSC Entrepreneurship is the best fashion design program in the city if you just want to learn hands on trade skill!”


“I wanted to pursue a fashion career because I love fashion all my life. I came to Vancouver Sewing Classes because I want to learn how to make garment that look professional. I have checked out many private fashion studios and schools in the city but nothing really stood out for me. I didn’t want to learn how to make apron, pajama or tote bag. When I checked out Chris’s studio, I was really impressed with all the various industrial sewing machines he has in his studio. Once he showed me the sewing sample binders, pattern drafting notes, and his student’s design project I knew in my heart at that point I came to the right place. Within a week later, I signed up for his entrepreneurship program. I completed his program in April of this year and now I am working for a small start-up design company base in Eastern Canada. Chris is a fantastic instructor he really knows how to explain and show techniques that looks so effortless. Obviously, he has tremendous experience in the fashion industry which shows in his work and teaching. I am so fortunate to discover Chris as my mentor and fashion instructor.
Chris Falcon is definitely in a league of his own in comparison to the rest of the other instructors in Vancouver!”


“I made a career change 3 years ago after I got laid off from my job. I wanted a new career and a fresh start in my life but I never had the courage to pursue it. Until, I found out about Chris Falcon’s fashion program in 2014 and I enrolled in it. I finished the program 8 months ago and I am currently working on my line. Chris is an outstanding instructor. He helped me a lot in developing my skill and expanding my fashion knowledge. I knew nothing about sewing or drafting pattern when I first met Chris. After taking one lesson with Chris, I was already making my own skirt. His technique is so refined and fast. Chris knows so many trade secrets and sewing tricks in the business. He is so down-to-earth, patient, chilled and fun to work with. Chris’s great wealth of experience and knowledge is beyond his years. Thank you!”


Fashion Designer

“I completed the Fashion Design Vancouver Entrepreneurship program 10 months ago and I really enjoyed it a lot! The program is really fun and challenging at the same time. In the past, I’ve taken many sewing and pattern drafting courses at other private sewing studios and fashion colleges in Vancouver but nothing is compare to Chris Falcon’s teaching style. He is a very patient, talented, experienced and an intelligent fashion instructor. His techniques are fast, simple, efficient and easy-to-understand. I love his one-on-one instructional lesson approach which allow me to learn at my own pace and help build my confidence along the way. His program is meticulously plan and very informative. I’ve found I have learned more from Chris than I have in my four-year fashion degree program from my previous university.”


“I knew nothing about dressmaking when I first started the class at VSC. However, after spending two months in the studio with Chris, I am ready to draft and sew my own wardrobe. Chris is an amazing instructor, he is creative, dedicated, and incredibly knowledgeable. I recommend the classes to everyone who loves fashion or just simply adores the art of dressing and tailoring.”


“I am currently taking sewing lessons at VSC and it is the best course I have ever taken, I’ve learned so much from Chris using an Industrial sewing machine. I have learned so many techniques and skills needed to use an Industrial sewing machine with ease. The one-on-one classes with Chris have really helped me. Thanks Chris.”



“I’m taking the Fashion Design courses at VSC but in the short amount of time I have been taking these classes for a few weeks, I have learned more than I have compared to the 2 year fashion design program I took at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Chris is a great fashion instructor, he explains and helps you understand every process. From pattern drafting, draping, sewing techniques, he is truly the best fashion instructor in Vancouver.”



“I’m enrolled VSC classes. I had few years of experience sewing and I feel is not enough for me so I decided to enrol at Chris Falcon’s studio. It is fun and useful, every class you will learn something different. Chris is a very helpful person and he helps you fast. Seriously I wish I enrolled his classes earlier!”



“I am currently enrolled in the draping classes. It is the only studio in the city that offers a full scope draping lesson. I love how Chris is able to connect with each student individually and tailor the course to the student’s needs. I am personally interested in bridal design and I have the creative freedom to do whatever I want in all my design workshops. The studio is small, but you always have access to a big table and top notch equipment.
Chris is very resourceful and he’s always willing to share his knowledge of the industry and trade secrets. I have learned so much more and so quickly under Chris’s skilled mentorship. Each class, not only you learn new techniques, you leave with a new pattern. It is so rewarding to complete a full project each class.
I take as many classes as I want per week without any restriction and I love the flexibility that it has provided me. I work full-time and time is a luxury.
Chris is very funny, friendly and welcoming. In other words, this is an AWESOME course!!!”


“I’m currently enrolled in the industrial sewing classes and I’ve greatly enjoyed my lessons and have applied them to projects at home. I have ambition to take more classes and maybe a chance at career. I’m grateful that I’m learning at my own pace, time and on my own terms.”


“Chris Falcon’s amazing skill set, patient and encouraging teaching style and sheer enthusiasm are what make him an absolutely outstanding sewing instructor. I have nothing but the highest praise for his ability to teach a huge volume of detailed skills in a short time. He skillfully incorporates the techniques into gradually more challenging articles of clothing so as a result my daughter was able to make fitted, pleated and flared skirts, ties for her dad, a full length gown anime costume for her sister, a vest and a pair of Capri pants. She also learned a myriad of techniques for sewing collars, sleeves, cuffs, shoulders, zippers, pockets, waistbands and many more that are all included in the sewing classes. Thank you so much Chris!”


“I am currently taking the Fashion Design classes with Chris. I have never sewn in my life and wanted to learn something new as a hobby. The main reason I chose his studio is because of its flexibility. I cannot commit showing up at the same time same day for classes as my full time job schedule is very sporadic. Chris has been great in accommodating my schedule. He is very technical and showed me how to draft, drape, and construct a garment within 3 hours. I am very excited in what I can accomplish in the future.”


“After spending a lot of time and money going to an elite Fashion Design School in London UK, I now know what it takes to produce in the High Fashion world but what I found was lacking was the amount of technical support needed to actually become a master at your craft from these BA Programs. Taking Chris’ classes has basically filled in the holes that my program in London was missing. His class has ingrained the fundamentals of pattern drafting/draping to total comprehension, learning high-end sewing techniques that can only be acquired by years of experience in production and has given me the ability to customize tailor any kind of garment to any person. If only I took this course before I left, I would have saved myself endless nights of confusion and heartache. He has made me an all-around professional and I’m excited to start my career with the confidence he has given me.
The one-on-one tutoring has been an amazing shock as I was able to cover more in the first 3 months than in the 3 years of Pattern Drafting Class in London with a classroom of 20. If you want to take yourself to the next level or if you’re serious about getting into these elite programs abroad, I highly recommend learning from Chris Falcon who will give you the tools you need to exceed, compete and excel.”


“I have spent countless years and money on books that supposedly enable you to draft your own patterns, and it always ends in dramatic failure. In the end, the only thing I learned was how to make shapeless ‘sack’ clothing without much style. That being said, after spending a few hours with Chris I learned that I was approaching everything wrong. He gave me the knowledge to draft patterns from my measurements and explained how to custom fit these patterns to my own body. His way of teaching is clear, concise and to the point. I got the sense that he genuinely enjoyed teaching me and wanted me to succeed in my sewing endeavors. I have signed up for another class and will continue to do so.”


“I came to Chris with absolutely no sewing experience or fashion industry background. It had always been a dream of mine to learn about this industry and start my own business. I enrolled in the sewing and pattern drafting classes in January 2015 and cannot believe how much I have learned already.

Chris’s experience in the industry, passion for his work and attention to detail with all of his students is inspiring and is what sets this fashion design studio apart from other schools out there.

Chris will teach you everything you need to know from complete pattern drafting, French draping, industrial sewing techniques and his trade secrets from the industry. Not only are you being taught one-on-one in a hands on environment Chris provides all paper, muslin, thread, and equipment. You have access to some of the best industrial equipment out there at the VSC Studio, to help with your production. This is by far a superior fashion design education as he teaches you what you need to know to be successful in this industry, not to mention the substantial difference in price compared to other fashion design courses offered in other places.

Chris is an amazing mentor in this industry and can give you a perspective on what it takes to make it in such a competitive market, not to mention he is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Thank you Chris for challenging me every day to achieve more and strive to be better.

I mean every word of it and truly feel people would be crazy to go to any other place!
Thank you for making my experience in this industry so positive!!!”



“Chris is a design genius! He can design literally anything, and what’s more is that he can explain and teach you how to make even the most complicated couture garments in an organized and understandable way. He explains how each element works together: where to start, what types of fabrics to use, and step by step guides of the design and sewing process. I had taken many classes before at Blanche MacDonald Centre and I just wasn’t satisfied, but I learned more with Chris in a few sessions than I did in a 10 month program there. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to take sewing/pattern drafting classes!”


“I have been a student in the past at Vancouver Sewing Classes for some projects. Needless to say how thrilled I was when he put together that amazing Fashion Design classes he offers at his studio. I wanted to take my sewing skills to the next level & am currently enrolled in the Fashion Design class. I have looked around for a hands-on courses & there was none. My advice to anyone who wants to build their fashion design skills is to be careful where you are investing your time & money. Your skills are the only ones that stand up not really where your degree comes from. Start with Vancouver Sewing Classes, build your skills & portfolio & work for an established designer, then decide whether it is worth to spend in an academic degree. At this point of time you will have a crystal clear view of where you are. Don’t wait too long, start small, slowly & enroll as soon as you can. Fashion Design is fun & Chris makes it a breeze! Thank you Chris for your valuable contribution to the Vancouver Fashion Scene.”



“Having taught sewing at the high school level for a better part of my life, I was looking for some advanced sewing/drafting classes in Vancouver. Anything to further my skills in this passion of mine. This meant finding someone with SERIOUS skills. After hunting through various sites, I discovered there were plenty of fun sewing classes that made simple projects such as cushions, tote bags, and aprons but only one that offered advanced workshops like corsets, pattern drafting and French draping. It was Christ Falcon of Vancouver Sewing Classes. I selected 2 sessions – one on Draping with Knits and the other one on pattern drafting from measurements. Chris was flexible with his hours so I was able to fit it into my working schedule. To say that I learned a lot is an understatement. I came out of the sessions, inspired and rekindled. Chris has an astounding (I repeat, astounding!) knowledge base and experience to draw from and he explains everything clearly and checks to make sure you are on the same page. Christ was patient, encouraging, and hilariously fun to be with! I feel like I have found a hidden treasure that I must share with everyone. We are indeed fortunate to have such a rare talent right here in Vancouver!”



“I studied tailoring and womenswear under Chris’s guidance last spring, after I had just started making clothes for family and myself. I was striving to refine my own craft by tapping into Chris’s specialty: couture bridal wear.
Pick a technique anywhere from pages and pages of textbooks, on any given day, and Chris will automatically respond with perfect execution of it. This is only a small indication of how consistently well prepared he is. Besides having years of experience, I think it is because he loves fine workmanship and is eager to teach.
My favorite thing about Chris as a designer, is his keen eye for luxury, high-end finishes. Through him, I have elevated my own standards in garment construction. It’s a sensible strategy in the fashion industry to be capable of producing clothes that belong in a higher price point, because it’s easier to tone down than climb up. And as a teacher: I appreciate these criticisms.
Chris let me work alongside him, which has shaped how I trust myself. The day I realized I’m a better designer and sewer than I thought I was, was when he let me take free reign. At first, I was annoyed that I’d be there six hours a day, and he wouldn’t say much at all, but now I’ve realized that it was a lesson in confidence.
What I learned from Chris beyond the traditional content – pattern making, draping, sewing is what I cherish most. When the occasion arises, he redefines my expectations of what it means to be a gifted designer, mentor, and friend. Chris offers advice that I didn’t ask for, but didn’t know I needed; he speaks with reason when I’m stumped, and he believes in my potential when I hesitate to.
In a small twist of fate, I had the opportunity to live and work in Paris. It’s a long road ahead to discover my niche and pursue my art, but I wouldn’t have had a better foundation than with Chris.”



“I would definitely recommend taking the sewing and drafting program with Chris. I found it to be very helpful as he is very patient and thoroughly explains how and why things are done a certain way. What I also appreciate is that the notes and formulas are all very current and you have the freedom to be creative which is usually restricted in many post-secondary schools and institutions. What I find to be most useful is the knowledge and confidence you gain with each and every class. You are constantly learning new skills and techniques which helps with being inspired and shaping into a professional designer.”



“Yes, things are progressing nicely. We’ve tweaked the straps on the women’s camisole a bit. Just getting the pants into production first and then on to the women’s summer line.
Probably contact you soon.



“Signing up for classes at Vancouver Sewing Classes was the best decision I ever made. I had tried other programs in other schools and have been very disappointed. Some were six weeks long and I left feeling like I haven’t learned anything. All I had to show for the money I spent was a tote bag and a pair of pajama pants I learned from other schools. This fashion design studio is different. Working one on one with Chris Falcon is a privilege. Chris is a fantastic teacher that blends practical knowledge with fun projects that you actually want to do. Vancouver Sewing Classes is great if you are looking to learn the fundamentals of sewing quickly. If you already have a competent skill set, Chris can help you refine your work, getting you to levels you never thought possible. If you are looking for a fun, in depth class, where you actually learn the skills that you need to design, Vancouver Sewing School is the right choice. Move from tote bags to bigger and better designs!”



“After I had taken your fashion courses, I just realize that I had gained more boarder knowledge then from the Art Institute of Vancouver had offering. By the moment I completed your courses, I will be able to go straight into the fashion industry without hesitating my experiences that I had learn from your courses will apply perfectly.”


“I had the privilege of taking a number of courses through Vancouver Sewing Classes with instructor, Chris Falcon. He is a competent, knowledgeable and supportive instructor in the area of pattern drafting, sewing techniques and garment construction. I was very pleased with the pieces created in working under his supervision. He is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher. I would highly recommend taking a course through Vancouver Sewing Classes. After doing some research on other agencies or schools that offer sewing classes, I can honestly say his class sets itself apart from other curriculums offered. Whether taking a few courses to complete a project or completing the entire program, you will be taught in a professional environment and gain a strong foundation of lifelong skills in your sewing career or creative pursuits.”



“I’m currently student at UFV enrolled in Fashion Design. Last year and part of this year I had taken additional classes at Vancouver sewing studio with Chris Falcon to help myself with subjects like pattern making, and sewing skills. I was very happy and satisfied as student because I could comprehend very much the subject. Chris Falcon has a unique way to explain the matter in a very simplistic and comprehensive way. In fact through the academic year I got in both semesters A and A+.”



“Frank Daly has been enrolled in the sewing school at Vancouver Sewing Classes since October of 2013. He is taking the third of a series of 3 segments of the course. He has made at least 2 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts, a pyjama for his 4 year old niece, and skirts for his mother and sister and a bag. Some of the skills he is learning are basic machine stitching, including how to stitch in a straight line and a directional line, and top stitching to outline a seam. He is also learning to cut and do the layout and follow the grain line. He is learning patience in tracing the pattern and to do the work slowly and carefully so it doesn’t have to be done twice. He is also learning to do fly zippers, waist bands, belt loops and in seam pockets. With textiles, he is learning to choose fabrics, colors and look for defects in the fabric, at the fabric store. He has a good memory and remembers which fabric bolts have defects in the various stores.
Frank has always been very fashion conscious and very sure of what he likes and why he likes it. Chris, his teacher says he is the most passionate of his students and is very keen to finish projects. He is proud to be producing something and often with his design modifications. He is showing that people with disabilities can create something very stylish and useful to people and to society.”



“We came to VSC to strengthening our sewing technique for bags/accessories making. Immediately, Chris was able to suggest classes that would be most beneficial for us and even tailored those classes to our trade. He taught us professional techniques rather than textbook technique, which gave us insight to the production process and tricks of the trade.
Chris is fantastic, knowledgeable and just a delight to be with. We definitely recommend him to anyone of any skill level to his courses.”

– Christine Maggie



“My experience with Vancouver Sewing classes has been a great experience. I originally took the Fashion Design program at The Art Institute of Vancouver and withdrew from the program half way through feeling frustrated and lost not knowing or understanding almost anything about pattern making or sewing. I then found Chris Falcon’s sewing classes and took his pattern drafting, sewing, and Draping courses. Now, I feel more positive but I feel very confident in myself. Chris offers an amazing courses that breaks down everything there has to do with Fashion Design. He not only teaches you the technical skills but also teaches you about the real business of Fashion. I am now able to complete several garments on my own and draft my own patterns as well as drape any design I want. I know that this life skills is going to take me so far in my future career. The courses are the best thing I have invested in so far in life. I really hope that others can have the same experience as me.”


“The classes offered by Chris are needless to say, fantastic. I learned many skills during each session that I did not imagine I could. Chris was very patient, and I enjoyed his classes even more as his methodology included producing garments to learn sewing techniques”



“I got accepted to the program!!! I got the call this morning while I was at work. I was so happy I started crying

Chris thank you so much for helping me make my dreams come true. You are an incredible teacher and designer, I had so much fun working with you!

I will write a review on your website this weekend. Thank you so so much, you had a huge part in how happy I feel right now.”

I worked with Chris on preparing my entrance portfolio for the fashion design program at Kwantlen’s Polytechnic University. He taught me drafting and sewing from October until May of last year as I had to have ten garments with my application.

I found Chris extremely helpful and skilled at what he does. He was both patient and knowledgeable about everything I asked him and I found myself learning so much more than what the classes were described as.

He has an extensive professional background and so much insight into design, drafting, business, and the fashion industry as a whole. I looked forward to my sessions with him and always walked away with so much accomplished.

He is very organized and efficient with his teaching, working at an industry pace, but very supportive and encouraging. I found myself, now in the very fast paced fashion design program, very comfortable with the expectations of my teachers, while a lot of students struggled in the beginning, and that is all because of my work with Chris.

I set goals with Chris in the beginning, so that he knew what I needed to have completed for my interview and he was excellent at keeping us on track and planning both the short term and long term goals that needed to get done. Not only did I get accepted but I won an award for the strongest portfolio out of 45 people who interviewed.

He showed so much dedication and often went way beyond his responsibilities as a teacher, thinking about my garments before and after my classes and even met me at a fabric store twice to help me choose appropriate fabrics.

In addition to his professionalism, I found Chris a joy to work with, he is so warm and positive and clearly very enthusiastic about his work.

Please feel free to contact me for any further questions.

Thank you!”


“Chris Falcon is an amazing teacher full of fashion knowledge and an exciting demeanor that will encourage you to reach your fashion goals. He really cares about his students and wants them to be successful in the design world and life in general. I am currently taking instructor Falcon’s course in technical fashion design and I found it to be very informative, beneficial and exciting. Before I discovered Chris’s course I struggled on whether to go to college and spend a hefty amount of money on courses that I personally felt was not beneficial to what I wanted to do with my fashion career. I was looking to learn the technical and also business side but I found with a lot of the college courses they lacked in the business aspect of design which is what you need to succeed in the world of fashion. So if you are looking for a course that will assist you in nurturing your creative side, show you how to transform your ideas into an amazing detailed piece of “Art” and also assist you in developing a business focus, Chris Falcon’s course your number one choice.”


“Sewing classes with Chris Falcon was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had as adult! I opted for private tutoring as that is the environment I like to learn in and he worked around my work schedule. I came away with so much information. Chris was an organized and effective teacher. He started teaching the moment I arrived to the studio. I appreciated that he did not waste any time and packed each class full of information. His method works. Written material and discussion of the technique. He demonstrated and then I executed what he showed me. The sample was then stapled to my notes for future reference. I came away with so many new skills that enhanced my sewing ability. The classes are at design school level with much more hands on direction. I have recommended Chris to many people and continue to do so. I am interested in furthering my skills in the future and will do that with Chris.”



“I have learnt just as much from you in 3 hours as I did in a whole week at Blanche MacDonald Centre!”



“I began taking classes with Chris to improve my sewing skills and get accepted to a competitive fashion program at Kwantlen’s University. Chris guided me through each piece I created by showing me exactly what to do with expert precision. If something is slightly off it’s not good enough for either of us! Chris vastly improved my sewing skills and techniques. I can now do any pattern on my own and get through any tough parts. Chris starts by watching very closely and offering suggestions and will try to have you independent by the end of the course. Not only do you come out of class with beautiful pieces that you made yourself, but you also leave with much more knowledge and problem solving skills than you came in with. I am proud to say that I was accepted to the program and I owe it all to Chris!”