Sophia Liu

“Taking the fashion design program with Chris Falcon was the best decision I have made in my career choice. Chris offered me one-on-one lesson in the fall of 2012 on sewing, pattern drafting and French draping. I was so impressed with his teaching methods that I decided to stick with his program on….Read More

Vincent Chang

International Student

“I decided to move to Vancouver in 2013 after studying 3 years of fashion design at one of the most prestigious school in London. I left the school in the UK because I felt the program was very artsy-fartsy. I was taught to create very eccentric design with no functionality which….Read More

David Kwok

“I made a career change 3 years ago after I got laid off from my job. I wanted a new career and a fresh start in my life but I never had the courage to pursue it. Until, I found out about Chris Falcon’s fashion program in 2014 and I enrolled in it. I finished….Read More

Leekee Li

“I knew nothing about dressmaking when I first started the class at VSC. However, after spending two months in the studio with Chris, I am ready to draft and sew my own wardrobe. Chris is an amazing instructor….Read More

Cecile Barrera

Former Fashion Design Graduate of The Art Institute of Vancouver

“I’m taking the Fashion Design courses at VSC but in the short amount of time I have been taking these classes for a few weeks, I have learned more than I have compared to the 2 year fashion design program I took at the….Read More

Kim Duong

Fashion Designer

“I am currently enrolled in the draping classes. It is the only studio in the city that offers a full scope draping lesson. I love how Chris is able to connect with each student individually and tailor the course to the student’s needs. I am personally interested in bridal….Read More

Eva Dunai

“Chris Falcon’s amazing skill set, patient and encouraging teaching style and sheer enthusiasm are what make him an absolutely outstanding sewing instructor.  I have nothing but the highest praise for his ability to teach a huge volume of detailed skills in a short time. He skillfully incorporates the techniques into gradually more challenging articles of clothing so as a result my….Read More

Leo Casuga

“After spending a lot of time and money going to an elite Fashion Design School in London UK, I now know what it takes to produce in the High Fashion world but what I found was lacking was the amount of technical support needed to actually become a master at your craft from these BA Programs. Taking Chris’ classes has basically filled in the holes that my program in London was missing….Read More

Melanie Timms

“I came to Chris with absolutely no sewing experience or fashion industry background. It had always been a dream of mine to learn about this industry and start my own business. I enrolled in the sewing and pattern drafting classes in January 2015 and cannot believe how much I have learned already. Chris’s experience in….Read More

Assia Dekar

“I have been a student in the past at Vancouver Sewing Classes for some projects. Needless to say how thrilled I was when he put together that amazing Fashion Design classes he offers at his studio. I wanted to take my sewing skills to the next level & am currently enrolled in….Read More

Samantha Lee

International Student

“I studied tailoring and womenswear under Chris’s guidance last spring, after I had just started making clothes for family and myself. I was striving to refine my own craft by tapping into Chris’s specialty: couture bridal wear. Pick a technique anywhere from pages and pages of….Read More

Pauline Meugens

“Signing up for classes at Vancouver Sewing Classes was the best decision I ever made. I had tried other programs and been very disappointed. Some where six weeks long and I left feeling like I hadn’t learned anything. All I had to show for the money I spent was a tote bag ….Read More

Aaron Li

Former Student of the Art Institute of Vancouver

“After I had taken your fashion courses, I just realize that I had gained more boarder knowledge then from the Art Institute of Vancouver had offering. By the moment I completed your….Read More

Elizabeth Barreca

Student at University of the Fraser Valley

“I’m currently student at UFV enrolled in Fashion Design. Last year and part of this year I had taken additional classes at Vancouver sewing studio with Chris Falcon to help myself with subjects like pattern making, and sewing….Read More

Maggie Kan

Prototyper for Herschel Supply Company

“We came to VSC to strengthening our sewing technique for bags/accessories making. Immediately, Chris was able to suggest classes that would be most beneficial for us and even tailored those classes to….Read More

Sandra Lee

“The classes offered by Chris are needless to say, fantastic. I learned many skills during each session that I did not imagine I could. Chris was very patient, and I enjoyed his classes even more as his methodology included producing garments to….Read More

Danielle Webb

“Chris Falcon is an amazing teacher full of fashion knowledge and an exciting demeanor that will encourage you to reach your fashion goals. He really cares about his students and wants them to be successful in the design world and life in general. I am currently taking….Read More

Rachelle Mandziak

Former Student of Blanche Macdonald Centre

“I have learnt just as much from you in 3 hours as I did in a whole week at Blanche MacDonald Centre….Read More

Mary Tam

International Student

“Chris is a genius! To be quite frank, I was a real skeptic when I first discovered Chris’s fashion design program but once I enrolled in his program, I was absolutely ecstatic! Every lesson I learned something new and I get to make a garment from scratch. His Entrepreneurship program is….Read More

Stephanie Dubois

“I wanted to pursue a fashion career because I love fashion all my life. I came to Vancouver Sewing Classes because I want to learn how to make garment that look professional. I have checked out many private fashion studios and schools in the city but nothing really stood out for me. I didn’t want to….Read More

Carrie Wong

Fashion Designer

“I completed the Fashion Design Vancouver Entrepreneurship program 10 months ago and I really enjoyed it a lot! The program is really fun and challenging at the same time. In the past, I’ve taken many sewing and pattern drafting….Read More

Rupinder Dhillon

“I am currently taking sewing lessons at VSC and it is the best course I have ever taken, I’ve learned so much from Chris using an Industrial sewing machine. I have learned so many techniques and skills needed to….Read More

Tiffany Tam

Owner of Sew Sweets Bridal

“I’m enrolled VSC classes. I had few years of experience sewing and I feel is not enough for me so I decided to enrol at Chris Falcon’s studio. It is fun and useful, every class you will learn something different. Chris is a very helpful person and he helps….Read More

Arlene Rina Tan

“I’m currently enrolled in the industrial sewing classes and I’ve greatly enjoyed my lessons and have applied them to projects at home. I have ambition to take more classes and maybe a chance at career. I’m grateful that I’m learning at….Read More

Tina Cheng

“I am currently taking the Fashion Design classes with Chris. I have never sewn in my life and wanted to learn something new as a hobby. The main reason I chose his studio is because of its flexibility. I cannot commit showing up at the same time same day for classes as my full time job schedule is….Read More

Kate Hemmer

“I have spent countless years and money on books that supposedly enable you to draft your own patterns, and it always ends in dramatic failure. In the end, the only thing I learned was how to make shapeless ‘sack’ clothing without much style. That being said, after spending a few hours with Chris….Read More

Azhaynah Zina

Former Student of Blanche Macdonald Centre

“I’m currently enrolled in the industrial sewing classes and I’ve greatly enjoyed my lessons and have applied them to projects at home. I have ambition to take more classes and maybe a chance at career. I’m grateful that I’m learning at my own pace, time and….Read More

Eileen Lo

Retired High School Home Economics Teacher

“Having taught sewing at the high school level for a better part of my life, I was looking for some advanced sewing/drafting classes in Vancouver. Anything to further my skills in this passion of mine. This meant finding someone with SERIOUS skills. After hunting through ….Read More

Shyan Owtram

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Student

“I would definitely recommend taking the sewing and drafting program with Chris. I found it to be so helpful as he is very patient and throughly explains how and why things are done a certain way. What I also….Read More

Thomas McCallion

Owner of Futureshore Holdings Inc.

“Yes, things are progressing nicely. We’ve tweaked the straps on the women’s camisole a bit. Just getting the pants into production first and then on to the women’s summer line….Read More

Yuko Baljak

To: Prospective sewing and design students

“I had the privilege of taking a number of courses through Vancouver Sewing Classes with instructor, Chris Falcon. He is a competent, knowledgeable and supportive instructor in the area of pattern drafting, sewing techniques and garment construction. I was very….Read More

Sean Daly

Frank’s Dad

“Frank Daly has been enrolled in the sewing school at Vancouver Sewing Classes since October of 2013. He is taking the third of a series of 3 segments of the course. He has made at least 2 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of ….Read More

April DiVito

Former Student of the Art Institute of Vancouver

“My experience with Vancouver Sewing classes has been a great experience. I originally took the Fashion Design program at The Art Institute of Vancouver and withdrew from the program half way through feeling frustrated and lost not knowing or understanding almost anything about….Read More

Jessica Farnsworth

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Student

“I got accepted to the program!!! I got the call this morning while I was at work. I was so happy I started crying. Chris thank you so much for helping me make my dreams come true….Read More

Lisa Rose

“Sewing classes with Chris Falcon was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had as adult! I opted for private tutoring as that is the environment I like to learn in and he worked around my work schedule. I came away with so much information. Chris was an organized and effective teacher….Read More

Naomi St. Cyr

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Student

“I began taking classes with Chris to improve my sewing skills and get accepted to a competitive fashion program at Kwantlen’s University. Chris guided me through each piece I created by showing me exactly what to do with expert precision. If something is slightly off it’s not good enough for….Read More

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