Design Your Own Program

Program Description: NOW you can now pick and choose 3 courses to customize and design your own program.

Program Duration: 3 classes (each class is 3 hours)

Cost: $999 plus taxes (includes white drafting paper, pattern hooks, hangers, garment bags, fabrics, muslin fabric, zippers, notions and interface)

Here is the complete list of all the courses offered at Vancouver Sewing Classes. This program is available in drafting, sewing, French draping and pattern grading. 

For example, the A-Line Princess Skirts course is available in drafting, sewing, French draping and pattern grading. These courses/programs are designed for all Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level learners.


A-Line Capes

Godet Skirts

Raglan Dresses

A-Line Princess Skirts

Gored Skirts

Ruched Designs

A-Line Princess Dress

Half-Circle Skirts

Ruched Dress Designs

Asymmetrical Designs

Halter Dresses

Ruched Skirt Designs

Athletic Wear Designs

Halter Tops

Ruffles Designs

Baggy Pants

Handkerchief Skirts

Sailor Collars Dresses

Ball Gown Dress

High Waist Skirts

Sailor Collar Tops

Ball Gown Skirts

Hip Hop Pants

Sailor Pants

Ballerina Skirts

Hoodie Tops

Shawl Collar Designs

Basic Shirts

Jacket Blocks

Shawl Dresses

Bateau Neckline Tops

Jamaica Pants

Shawl Tops

Blazer Jackets

Japanese Traditional Kimono

Shawlero Designs

Beading and Embellishments

Jean Blocks

Sheath Dresses

Beading Application

Jean Designs

Sheer Illusion Designs

Bermuda Pants

Jean Bottoms


Bias Cut Dresses

Jeanswear Designs

Shirring Designs

Bias Cut Tops

Jean Tops


Bishop Sleeves Top Designs



Blouse Designs

Kimono Designs

Skirt Block

Boat Neckline Designs

Knitwear Bodysuit Designs

Skirt Designs

Bodice Blocks

Knitwear Designs


Bodysuit Blocks

Knit Leotard Designs

Sleeve Block

Bolero Jackets

Knit Tops

Sleeve Cap Designs

Bomber Jackets

Lace Application

Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Bridal Wear Designs

Lace Work Designs

Strapless Princess Seam Blocks

Bridesmaid Designs

Lengha Designs

Strapless Tops

Bustier Tops

Latex Designs

Strapless Dresses


Leather Dresses

Strap Dresses

Capris Pants

Leather Jackets

Suede Jackets

Camisole Designs

Leather Pants

Suede Pants

Cardigan Jackets

Leather Skirts

Suede Skirts

Casual Men Shirts

Leather Vests

Suede Tops

Cheongsom Dress

Leather Wear Designs

Suede Vests

Children’s Wear Designs



Circular Skirts

Lehenga Dress Designs



Maternity Designs

Tailored Coats

Corset Designs

Men’s Jackets

Tailored Jacket Designs

Costume Designs

Men’s Pants

Tank Tops

Couture Sewing

Men’s Shirts

Tent Tops

Cowl Designs

Men’s Slacks

Tent Dress Blocks


Men’s Vests

Tent Dresses


Men’s Neckties

Tie Collar Designs

Dartless Tops

Mermaid Dress Designs

Tiered Skirt Designs

Detachable Bridal Train Designs

Off-Shoulder Designs

Torso Blocks

Denim Designs

One-Piece Bodysuits

Track Pant Designs

Denim Jackets

One-Shoulder Dress Designs

Trouser Blocks

Denim Skirts

Palazzo Pant Designs

Trumpet Skirts

Dolman Sleeve Dresses

Panel Skirt Designs

T-Shirt Blocks

Dolman Sleeve Tops

Pant Blocks

Tunic Designs

Double Breasted Jackets

Pegged Skirts

Twisting Designs

Dress Blocks

Peplum Designs

Veil Designs



Vest Designs

Elizabethan Designs

Pleated Trousers

Womenswear Designs

Empire Waist Dresses

Polo Shirts

Wrapped Designs

Evening Wear Designs

Portrait Collar Designs

Wrapped Skirt Designs

Flared Skirts

Princess Dresses

Yoke Designs

Flare Pants

Princess Skirts

Yoke Top Designs

Fleece Hoodies

Prom Dresses

Yoke Shirt Designs

Flower Girl Dresses

Puff Sleeve Designs

Yoke Skirt Designs

Full Skirts

Raglan Sleeve Design Tops