I left my job many years ago to become a fashion entrepreneur because that was the only thing that I could control in my life at the time.  I have worked for many small businesses and large corporations throughout my life, and I found that all of my employers had one thing in common, “they were full of crap”.  

I found that many of my ex-employers, especially the management people and the owners, loved to create falsehoods, as well as making promises that they had no intention of keeping.  Based on my experiences throughout my entire working life, I found that many of my ex-employers (owners and management staff) not only lacked the ability to think outside of the box, but they were also not critical thinkers or problem solvers.  I found that many of them were unqualified to lead people.  For example, they loved to waste time with their repetitive, unproductive meetings that accomplished nothing, in terms of quantitative results or effective changes.  

Ironically, many of the people I used to work for will never see their own flaws in the mirror, perhaps because they are so full of themselves and in total denial of their incompetence.  They will use their job titles and their credentials to define who they are and expect others to bow to their whims.  Even to this day, I am not one bit surprised that the same people I used to work with have continued to manipulate, bully, and coerce their co-workers to serve their own interests, which are ultimately all about power, profit and greed.  I don’t think they have a clue or are in any way conscious that they are living in their own alternative reality where the super-exploitation of lower-class workers feeds the insatiable greed for profits of the trouble-making corporate owners.  For instance, I used to have one boss, and his whole entourage of executives, who would tell his workers at every single staff meeting that he considered his employees to be like his own family members, but, at the same time, he didn’t want to provide his employees with any bonuses or cover their dental benefits while he was raking in millions of dollars in profit.  Not only do these corporate people live in a kind of “La La Land”, but they also love to create a toxic working environment where they pit their own executives and management staff against each other and use them to spy on their own subordinates.  As trust starts to erode in a hostile working environment, management and workers begin to plot, conspire, backstab, and spread lies and rumors, so they can get ahead through promotions, salary increases, and the elimination of their opponents. 

At the end of day, everyone is looking out for themselves to ensure their job security is safeguarded.  It is like watching that movie, “The Hunger Games”, except somebody gets fired at the end of the day.  

Fortunately, today, I feel so blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to work for myself and be a fashion entrepreneur.  Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to grow and think outside of the box.  I get to keep everything that I earn.  I get to choose my own schedule and charter my own future path.  I get to make my own executive decisions.  I get to travel the world.  Best of all, I get to be creative and use my talents for a good cause to help society.  Working for myself means that I am no longer a sheep, a slave, a follower, or a threat to any of the companies I used to work for.  Instead, these days, I get to lead and grow my own ethical business, without constantly worrying who has my back.  I absolutely love what I do, and I no longer have to deal with all the corporate drama and craziness on a regular basis.  

These days, whenever my friends and my peers ask me why I am always happy, my answer is “because, now, I get to control my own fate”.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.