Vincent Chang

22 Dec Vincent Chang

International Student

“I decided to move to Vancouver in 2013 after studying 3 years of fashion design at one of the most prestigious school in London. I left the school in the UK because I felt the program was very artsy-fartsy. I was taught to create very eccentric design with no functionality which was not what I want to learn. I wanted to learn to design outfit that people can actually wear on the street. I did an extensive research online trying to find a program that suits my need. I found a lot of home base fashion studios that teach the basic stuffs you learn from high school or instructors who teach student to make garment that looks very home-made. Within a few months of searching, I finally found Chris Falcon at Vancouver Sewing Classes, I find his program to be very practical and organized. In a relatively short period of time, I was able to accomplish more than I have in my 3 years of college in London. I have made over 30 slopers, 40 garments, and 70 muslin prototype. In that period of time, I have gained a broader knowledge, confidence and experience in fashion than I have when I was studying in the UK. One of the great quality in Chris’s program I liked the most was being able to make wearable designs that I can sell online. Chris has a solution for everything no matter how difficult the task may be. Currently, I am using these slopers to create samples for my online fashion business. VSC Entrepreneurship is the best fashion design program in the city if you just want to learn hands on trade skill!”