Stephanie Dubois

22 Dec Stephanie Dubois

“I wanted to pursue a fashion career because I love fashion all my life. I came to Vancouver Sewing Classes because I want to learn how to make garment that look professional. I have checked out many private fashion studios and schools in the city but nothing really stood out for me. I didn’t want to learn how to make apron, pajama or tote bag. When I checked out Chris’s studio, I was really impressed with all the various industrial sewing machines he has in his studio. Once he showed me the sewing sample binders, pattern drafting notes, and his student’s design project I knew in my heart at that point I came to the right place. Within a week later, I signed up for his entrepreneurship program. I completed his program in April of this year and now I am working for a small start-up design company base in Eastern Canada. Chris is a fantastic instructor he really knows how to explain and show techniques that looks so effortless. Obviously, he has tremendous experience in the fashion industry which shows in his work and teaching. I am so fortunate to discover Chris as my mentor and fashion instructor.
Chris Falcon is definitely in a league of his own in comparison to the rest of the other instructors in Vancouver!”