Sophia Liu

22 Dec Sophia Liu

“Taking the fashion design program with Chris Falcon was the best decision I have made in my career choice. Chris offered me one-on-one lesson in the fall of 2012 on sewing, pattern drafting and French draping. I was so impressed with his teaching methods that I decided to stick with his program on a part-time basis for 2 more years and recently I completed his fashion entrepreneurship program. I really like the flexibility schedule in his program as well as the undivided attention to the fine details he invested on each of my individual lesson. The cost of his entrepreneurship program was far lessor than other fashion schools (2-4 years program). I didn’t have to purchase any textbooks, fashion magazines, muslins, zippers, pattern hooks, and pattern drafting paper since it was all inclusive in his program. Now, I am working on establishing my fashion line through Chris’s oversea garment manufacturer. Chris helped me save a bundle of money on my production line. He is so accommodating and helpful in guiding me through the whole process of production. If this was in a regular school setting, I would not have receive the same level of support and attention. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn from the best in the garment business.”