Sean Daly

31 Mar Sean Daly


“Frank Daly has been enrolled in the sewing school at Vancouver Sewing Classes since October of 2013. He is taking the third of a series of 3 segments of the course. He has made at least 2 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shorts, a pyjama for his 4 year old niece, and skirts for his mother and sister and a bag. Some of the skills he is learning are basic machine stitching, including how to stitch in a straight line and a directional line, and top stitching to outline a seam. He is also learning to cut and do the layout and follow the grain line. He is learning patience in tracing the pattern and to do the work slowly and carefully so it doesn’t have to be done twice. He is also learning to do fly zippers, waist bands, belt loops and in seam pockets. With textiles, he is learning to choose fabrics, colors and look for defects in the fabric, at the fabric store. He has a good memory and remembers which fabric bolts have defects in the various stores.

Frank has always been very fashion conscious and very sure of what he likes and why he likes it. Chris, his teacher says he is the most passionate of his students and is very keen to finish projects. He is proud to be producing something and often with his design modifications. He is showing that people with disabilities can create something very stylish and useful to people and to society.”