Pauline Meugens

31 Mar Pauline Meugens

“Signing up for classes at Vancouver Sewing Classes was the best decision I ever made. I had tried other programs in other schools and have been very disappointed. Some were six weeks long and I left feeling like I haven’t learned anything. All I had to show for the money I spent was a tote bag and a pair of pajama pants I learned from other schools. This fashion design studio is different. Working one on one with Chris Falcon is a privilege. Chris is a fantastic teacher that blends practical knowledge with fun projects that you actually want to do. Vancouver Sewing Classes is great if you are looking to learn the fundamentals of sewing quickly. If you already have a competent skill set, Chris can help you refine your work, getting you to levels you never thought possible. If you are looking for a fun, in depth class, where you actually learn the skills that you need to design, Vancouver Sewing School is the right choice. Move from tote bags to bigger and better designs!”