Mary Tam

22 Dec Mary Tam

International Student

“Chris is a genius! To be quite frank, I was a real skeptic when I first discovered Chris’s fashion design program but once I enrolled in his program, I was absolutely ecstatic! Every lesson I learned something new and I get to make a garment from scratch. His Entrepreneurship program is a well-crafted and structured curriculum. There were so many technical things to learn in 9 months. I learned to draft 25 different slopers, I have sewn over 200 technique samples and I draped over 40 different apparel designs. I really like how Chris designed his program where you can mix and match different slopers to create from hundreds to thousands of different combinations of designs. Personally, I have never sewn in my entire life but Chris tailor-custom the program to my needs and now I am doing my own custom-design business in Hong Kong.
Technically, Chris’s program can only be described as a master degree program not a bachelor if you have to compare his program syllabus to other fashion colleges/universities. I like his style of teaching, it is full of clarity and great depth. His grading method is breathless! Highly recommended! Thanks Chris for all your help!”