Leo Casuga

31 Mar Leo Casuga

“After spending a lot of time and money going to an elite Fashion Design School in London UK, I now know what it takes to produce in the High Fashion world but what I found was lacking was the amount of technical support needed to actually become a master at your craft from these BA Programs. Taking Chris’ classes has basically filled in the holes that my program in London was missing. His class has ingrained the fundamentals of pattern drafting/draping to total comprehension, learning high-end sewing techniques that can only be acquired by years of experience in production and has given me the ability to customize tailor any kind of garment to any person. If only I took this course before I left, I would have saved myself endless nights of confusion and heartache. He has made me an all-around professional and I’m excited to start my career with the confidence he has given me.

The one-on-one tutoring has been an amazing shock as I was able to cover more in the first 3 months than in the 3 years of Pattern Drafting Class in London with a classroom of 20. If you want to take yourself to the next level or if you’re serious about getting into these elite programs abroad, I highly recommend learning from Chris Falcon who will give you the tools you need to exceed, compete and excel.”