Kim Duong

31 Mar Kim Duong


 “I am currently enrolled in the draping classes. It is the only studio in the city that offers a full scope draping lesson. I love how Chris is able to connect with each student individually and tailor the course to the student’s needs. I am personally interested in bridal design and I have the creative freedom to do whatever I want in all my design workshops. The studio is small, but you always have access to a big table and top notch equipment.

Chris is very resourceful and he’s always willing to share his knowledge of the industry and trade secrets. I have learned so much more and so quickly under Chris’s skilled mentorship. Each class, not only you learn new techniques, you leave with a new pattern. It is so rewarding to complete a full project each class.

I take as many classes as I want per week without any restriction and I love the flexibility that it has provided me. I work full-time and time is a luxury.

Chris is very funny, friendly and welcoming. In other words, this is an AWESOME course!!!”