Assia Dekar

31 Mar Assia Dekar

“I have been a student in the past at Vancouver Sewing Classes for some projects. Needless to say how thrilled I was when he put together that amazing Fashion Design classes he offers at his studio. I wanted to take my sewing skills to the next level & am currently enrolled in the Fashion Design class. I have looked around for a hands-on courses & there was none. My advice to anyone who wants to build their fashion design skills is to be careful where you are investing your time & money. Your skills are the only ones that stand up not really where your degree comes from. Start with Vancouver Sewing Classes, build your skills & portfolio & work for an established designer, then decide whether it is worth to spend in an academic degree. At this point of time you will have a crystal clear view of where you are. Don’t wait too long, start small, slowly & enroll as soon as you can. Fashion Design is fun & Chris makes it a breeze! Thank you Chris for your valuable contribution to the Vancouver Fashion Scene.”