April DiVito

31 Mar April DiVito


“My experience with Vancouver Sewing classes has been a great experience. I originally took the Fashion Design program at The Art Institute of Vancouver and withdrew from the program half way through feeling frustrated and lost not knowing or understanding almost anything about pattern making or sewing. I then found Chris Falcon’s sewing classes and took his pattern drafting, sewing, and Draping courses. Now, I feel more positive but I feel very confident in myself. Chris offers an amazing courses that breaks down everything there has to do with Fashion Design. He not only teaches you the technical skills but also teaches you about the real business of Fashion. I am now able to complete several garments on my own and draft my own patterns as well as drape any design I want. I know that this life skills is going to take me so far in my future career. The courses are the best thing I have invested in so far in life. I really hope that others can have the same experience as me.”