Sewing and pattern drafting skills are the two most important technical skills that you need to master, if you want to become a fashion designer or a fashion entrepreneur.  So, if you are not passionate and excited to learn how to sew and pattern draft, this is the wrong hobby or career choice for you.  Every garment that is designed and produced always requires two essential components, which are sewing and pattern drafting.  Without these two key elements, fashion design wouldn’t exist in this world.  At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we focus 100% on hands-on learning of sewing and pattern drafting skills at our fashion design facility.  Ours is the only organization in the world that specializes in teaching and training our clients how to become highly skilled technical sewers and patternmakers.  We give our clients FREE bonus gifts, which consist of the best, high-end industrial sewing and drafting tools, sewing machines and equipment, so they can learn all the tricks of the trade, and create professional-looking garments to sell online.  Each week, at their own pace, our clients learn new technical sewing and drafting skills making new garments to sell, so they can make income at the same time as they learn.  Because our clients spend a lot of time honing their sewing and drafting skills, they gain immense practical experience, which is something you cannot buy.  Our clients’ vast experience comes from many hours of instructional sewing and pattern drafting lessons, as well as out-of-classroom practicums.  Sadly, today, all fashion institutions spend less than 10% of their time teaching fashion students hands-on sewing and pattern drafting skills, which is why many of their fashion graduates are unable to draft, cut and sew a garment in under three hours.  Shockingly, many graduates of these ‘elite’ fashion institutions don’t do well in sewing or pattern drafting job interviews because they don’t have any technical sewing or pattern drafting skills, or any practical experience, to impress potential employers.  As a professional fashion designer, when you don’t have these two most basic and essential technical skills firmly under your belt, you risk having your reputation tarnished, your brand and label unrecognized or distrusted, and your career and business jeopardized.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.