These days, many people who enroll in fashion design programs have no idea what they are getting into. Sadly, many people don’t make a lot of effort to thoroughly research these programs, and are easily brainwashed by fashion institutions. Unfortunately, by the time they realize that something is off or when they start questioning their fashion school, it is often far too late because their school has taken all of their money. This is a vicious cycle that never ends and nobody wants to talk about it in the fashion industry, including the provincial and federal governments. At VSC fashion design studio, over the years, we have met hundreds of these fashion school graduates who come to VSC for assistance because they have no real technical skills and no experience to offer to potential employers and, as a result, they are having a very difficult time finding employment in the fashion industry. These fashion graduates are coming from prestigious and very expensive design schools that have robbed them of their savings and livelihood. All of these elite fashion graduates are losing between $50,000 and upwards of over $200,000. Most often, these fashion school graduates arrive at VSC asking us to retrain them from the beginning, except they don’t have sufficient funds to enroll in our program because their school has cleaned out their entire bank account and put them into huge debt. The most shocking part is that these fashion graduates often ask us for discounts when they are enquiring about our fashion design long program. Unfortunately, VSC is not a school, and we strongly advise and highly recommend that all of these fashion school graduates go back to their previous fashion schools and demand a full refund because their schools have failed to deliver the results that they paid for. Having said that, VSC is not a charity and, sadly, we cannot help or save a lot of these fashion school graduates who are victims of these scams and who have already spent their entire life savings or student loans on these fashion design institutions across Canada, the USA, Great Britain, France, Japan, and Italy. VSC does not offer discounts on any of our sewing or fashion design programs. Please do not ask us for any discounts. Again, we highly recommend that you go back to your fashion design school and ask them for a full refund because obviously you are unhappy and dissatisfied with the results from the fashion design school you graduated from. Ironically, many fashion design schools will turn their backs on many of their fashion graduates and move on to scam more students. It is a cycle that never seems to end.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.