Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) has been around for over a decade.  Our success is built purely on quality one-on-one lessons and structured hands-on skill training.  Unfortunately, many fashion universities, colleges and sewing studios focus far too much on artistic drawing, paintings, fashion merchandising and academic courses, instead of on teaching you all the essential, technical hands-on skills you would use everyday as a fashion designer.  Not only are these design schools teaching outdated courses, but they are also extremely and inefficiently slow, when it comes to teaching garment construction, which means, in the end, you will get to learn a whole lot less, but you will have to pay a whole lot more in tuition fees.  For example, generally, it would take these fashion schools and sewing studios two weeks to three months to complete one garment, while, at VSC, we train and teach all of our clients all of the tricks of the trade, so they can start and finish an entire garment in three hours.  We have also seen cases where fashion graduates from elite fashion institutions take six months to complete two garments.  Do you want to learn very few techniques from these fashion design schools and sewing studios, where the pace of learning is as slow as a sloth?

At VSC, we believe that, when our clients design and complete three to five professional garments each week, they are guaranteed to gain significantly more knowledge, experience and challenging technical skills than they would in a traditional school setting.  In addition, from a practical point of view, when a garment takes a long, long time to complete in a fashion school or sewing studio setting, students end up accomplishing nothing, and are most likely being strung along and scammed without knowing it because they are too naïve and gullible.

When our clients enroll in any of VSC’s Fashion Design Long Programs, our instructor will teach them all of the tricks of the trade to design, draft or drape, grade, cut, sew, and finish a garment in a three-hour lesson.  VSC designed this model of learning to help our clients develop unlimited superior technical trade skills, as well as receive vast work experience and practicum.  This is the MAIN reason why VSC is special and more unique than any fashion design institution, fashion academy or sewing studio in the world.  In the fashion business, time is money, and speed is survival of the fittest.  If a designer is unable to produce a professional garment in three hours, she/he will have far less chance to succeed because they don’t have the real technical trade skills to compete in the fashion industry.  When you can design and complete a new garment from scratch in just three hours, you are in a league of your own, and on top of the world!

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.