Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) has been teaching “one-on-one” since 2011, but now every sewing studio and fashion institution is copying VSC.  Unfortunately for them, they are failing miserably trying to replicate our success.  It is very misleading and deceptive when a sewing studio or fashion institution advertises and claims that it is teaching “one-on-one”, when they have packed a class full of students (6 to 30 people in one room) with only one instructor looking after the entire class.  This is why people get scammed every day, without even knowing it.  At VSC, our instructor only teaches one client per class (NOT 6 to 30 students in a room) and per lesson.  There is nothing to compare to learning one-on-one.  You learn a lot more and at your own pace.  When you are learning in a group environment, quite often you will be waiting around a lot and be ignored.  You learn a lot less and you most likely will not get a chance to complete your project on your own terms because you simply run out of time.  The quality of your education will be quite disappointing and, as a result, you waste your own time, money and resources.  Learning one-on-one is the best and the most effective way of learning, if you truly care about what you learn.  Obviously, you want the best practical results for your hard-earned money and investment.

At VSC, you get what you pay for, which is quality and a guarantee of impressive results.  We offer flexible schedules and a positive learning environment, so our clients can excel in their technical skills training and gain real practical experience.  In a group session, there are so many distractions, disruptions, chaos, and dramas that it takes all the fun and excitement out of learning a new life skill.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.