Forget about attending a reputable, prestigious fashion design school. If you want to sew like a pro, all you need to do is to master the basic foundations of sewing and pattern drafting. Pattern drafting will help you to understand the order of garment construction and allow you to design anything you want to create. It will help you to piece the garment together like a jigsaw puzzle. Practice makes perfect, and, with plenty of practice, in no time, you will become an exceptional designer/sewer. Don’t waste your time trying to make an apron, tote bag, or pajamas, if you truly want to improve your sewing skills. Try to work smarter not harder for yourself and learn real technical skills, whether it is for a hobby or a profession you chose. Sewing and fashion design is more than just a hobby, if you become really good and skillful. In fact, you can capitalize on your skills and make a business out of it. Just imagine… when you think outside of the box, the sky is the limit, in terms of what you can do with this precious life skill. There are many seamstresses in the world who own two houses, by using their sewing skills to generate income. Having said that, you certainly don’t want to live with regret by missing out on this opportunity to learn a practical life skill that can potentially make you ‘filthy’ rich.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 35 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.