Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC) believes success is a combination of having the right capital investment and having the right technical skills training early in your fashion career, to ensure your path to success, as well as unlimited potential earning.

If you want to be successful in the fashion industry, you definitely need sufficient initial capital investment and equity. Fashion universities, colleges and schools actually hinder your success in this area because they take all of your money in tuition fees. Once you graduate, your fashion school will turn its back on you, and you will have no money left to start your own business or fashion line. So, if you want to get a head start on your fashion career/business and become the best in your field, get yourself enrolled at VSC because VSC firmly believes in investing in the best professional tools and machinery to help our clients succeed.  Currently, VSC is the ONLY fashion design studio in the world that is offering monthly FREE professional sewing machines, dress forms, professional sewing tools and drafting tools for our clients to own. There are NO SCHOOLS (Public or Private) that are offering these awesome FREE bonus gifts to assist their students become successful when they leave school. In fact, many schools only have Plan A, which is to get you to incur and be dependent on huge student loans that will take you years to pay off. They will not teach you enough of the essential technical skills that will help you gain employment in the fashion industry. They have no Plan B or Plan C, to help you avoid going back to your minimum-wage job or, worse, becoming unemployed.  Even though VSC is not a school, we always give away FREE capital investment (BRAND NEW professional sewing machines, dress forms, professional sewing tools and drafting tools) to our clients, so they can use them to apply what they learn from all their VSC technical skills training. Our clients get to design and create garments to sell on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook, to generate income on the side, while learning new techniques at VSC. In addition, our capital investment has also created many great opportunities for our clients to develop and grow their own fashion businesses from their homes. As a result, our clients are able to master their technical skills more easily, as well as gain plenty of real life experience and confidence in operating a small business in their own time. We encourage and inspire all of our clients to explore all of the different possible niches, throughout their fashion training at VSC. We want to help our clients plan ahead, so they can enjoy a long, prosperous and successful career and business in the apparel industry.

At VSC, we help our clients understand that, in the real world of fashion design, you cannot depend on a fashion school or anybody else to help you get a job – you need to develop an entrepreneurial spirit to ensure your success and longevity in the apparel business. This is why VSC designs its fashion programs to help our clients weather all storms, and overcome any challenges or obstacles. Realistically, you need to have a Plan A, B and C, to protect yourself from all of the unexpected problems that may arise in your fashion career. The fashion design program at VSC provides clients with complete back-up plans – A, B and C – to help shield our clients from unemployment or career and business obstacles. Our Plan A is to provide all our clients with the best quality FREE capital investment and equity (BRAND NEW professional sewing machines, dress forms, professional sewing tools and drafting tools), right at the beginning of their training at VSC. By having the proper professional tools and sewing machinery, our clients get to practice, learn, and earn money, as well as gain real work experience, while they are enrolled in our fashion design program, which means that our clients will have ZERO debt at the end of our program. Instead, our clients will have acquired a huge capital equity investment, without spending any additional money to cover and pay for all of their brand new sewing machinery and professional tools for their future business venture. Furthermore, our Plan B is to help our clients achieve and fully master all of the technical skills (sewing, drafting, French draping and grading) to meet and exceed international fashion industry standards, so they can get a well-paid job in their chosen field, or start their own fashion business either in or outside Canada. Finally, our Plan C is to help our clients create a home-based business, so our clients can use their real practical skills and experience to create their own employment opportunity or grow their fashion business from their own home/fashion studio.

These are the reasons why VSC’s fashion design programs are 100% more successful, and why they work far more effectively than those at traditional fashion universities and colleges do. The simple fact is that none of the fashion institutions have a Plan A, B or C for their students when they graduate from school. Today, none of the fashion schools has any alternative back-up plan to help their graduates in times of crisis, especially when their graduates are unemployed and broke. The schools have taken all of their money and their graduates do not have sufficient technical skills/experience to offer to their future employer, nor do they have sufficient funds or capital equity to start a fashion business.

Incredibly, many graduates from fashion institutions find themselves buried under a huge student debt load, and it will take them many years to pay off these loans. As a result, many of these fashion design graduates will have to put their fashion career/business on hold for a long time.

So, at the end of day, you need to ask yourself a tough question: is the school doing anything in your best interest? The answer is most likely “NO”. All fashion institutions are only interested in taking your money and putting you into debt.

– Chris Falcon is a Canadian designer and fashion educator with over 30 years of experience in the garment design and manufacturing business.