Melanie Timms

31 Mar Melanie Timms

“I came to Chris with absolutely no sewing experience or fashion industry background. It had always been a dream of mine to learn about this industry and start my own business. I enrolled in the sewing and pattern drafting classes in January 2015 and cannot believe how much I have learned already.

Chris’s experience in the industry, passion for his work and attention to detail with all of his students is inspiring and is what sets this fashion design studio apart from other schools out there.

Chris will teach you everything you need to know from complete pattern drafting, French draping, industrial sewing techniques and his trade secrets from the industry. Not only are you being taught one-on-one in a hands on environment Chris provides all paper, muslin, thread, and equipment. You have access to some of the best industrial equipment out there at the VSC Studio, to help with your production. This is by far a superior fashion design education as he teaches you what you need to know to be successful in this industry, not to mention the substantial difference in price compared to other fashion design courses offered in other places.

Chris is an amazing mentor in this industry and can give you a perspective on what it takes to make it in such a competitive market, not to mention he is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Thank you Chris for challenging me every day to achieve more and strive to be better.

I mean every word of it and truly feel people would be crazy to go to any other place!

Thank you for making my experience in this industry so positive!!!”