Today, you no longer need a degree or a diploma to become a successful fashion designer. At Vancouver Sewing Classes (VSC), we believe in investing in our clients’ futures with real technical skills, tools and machinery to ensure that our clients will succeed in the competitive world of fashion. Unfortunately, these days, every fashion design institution is operating its business more like a corporation than a school. Many students are misled by the glamorous brochures, fancy TV ads and attractive online advertisements of design schools. Instead of delivering real, actual results, fashion institutions are gouging their students left, right and centre. “Perception is reality” for so many students who have experienced this nightmare, where they invested all of their savings and student loans, only to realize, at the end, that they have gained very little skill or knowledge, and have no money left to start-up their own fashion line or business because their school has taken all of their money. Without having real technical skills or experience, many fashion graduates become just another unemployment statistic.

Why spend all of your money in a fashion design institution that cannot guarantee your career success, while you have no money left to start-up your own fashion line or business, and you have no real practical fashion design skills to even get a job in the apparel industry? Currently, there are no fashion design institutions in the world that offer ANY FREE BONUS GIFTS to help their students succeed in the real world because most of those institutions are only interested in taking all of your hard-earned money, leaving you high and dry at the end.

Luckily, VSC is not a school, and we have helped save and prevent many clients from becoming a victim of this scam. At VSC, we deliver real, practical results, without breaking the bank. We help our clients connect with real contacts, referrals and fashion industry people. In addition, we help our clients to set-up their own business and give them FREE professional tools, dress forms and machinery to help them get ahead of their competitors and become successful in their chosen apparel specialty.

VSC is proud to say that we truly support our clients 100%, from start to finish.

Depending on the Fashion Design Long Program selection our client chooses, we are giving away up to $11,149.00 in FREE BONUS GIFTS, such as the following items:

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Sewing Machine DDL-8700-7 Single Needle Drop Feed Automatic Machine with Thread Cutter and Automatic Foot Lifter, Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $3,000)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Sewing Machine DDL 8300N, including Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $1,350)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki Industrial Serger MO 6800 Series, including Table, Light and Motor (Retail Value $1,900)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Italian Made Battistella Iron Board (Retail Value $850)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Italian Made Battistella Industrial Iron (Retail Value $550)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki MO644D Portable Serger (Retail Value $550)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Juki MCS-1500 Coverstitch and Chain Stitch Machine (Retail Value $999)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Singer Domestic Sewing Machine (Retail Value $200)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Designer’s Dress Form With Legs, Size 6 or 8 (Retail Value $900)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Sewing Feet Attachments for the Sewing Machine – up to 35 (Retail Value $300)

*FREE BRAND-NEW Drafting and Sewing Kits, which include metal L-shape ruler, metal French curve, metal meter stick, pattern notcher, tracing wheel, 24” see-thru ruler, measurement tape, Kai 8” dressmaker shears, Kai 6 ½” sewing scissors, thread clippers, bobbin case, bobbins, pattern awl, Japanese tailor’s ruler, Hong Kong designer’s curve ruler, measurement tape, seam ripper, sewing machine needles, tailor chalk wheel, magnetic gauge, fabric markers, sewing machine zipper foot, bias tape maker, sewing pins and drafting pencils (Retail Value $550)

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