Fashion Design Vancouver Entrepreneurship Long Program

Fashion Design Rating Category: Beginner OR Intermediate

Program Description: This is a program specifically designed for a client who wants to learn the whole spectrum of technical industrial pattern drafting, industrial sewing, French draping and industrial pattern grading, so she/he can create her/his own clothing line, as well as create their own business brand. This program will help the client understand how garments are created from scratch, cut and sewn, fitted, sized, stitched, and mass produced, as well as how to market and achieve the perfect product to be sold in retail stores or at wholesale trade shows. The client will get to learn all the women’s tops, skirts, pants, casual dresses, formal dresses, jackets, vests, coats, corsets, bustiers, knitwear, sportswear, denim, etc., as well some menswear designs.

Program Accomplishments: The client will learn up to 300 different industrial sewing techniques and up to 20 sewing binders of full-scale sewing samples for their future reference. The client will draft up to 30 different slopers/blocks, as well as create up to 50 complete sets of patterns ready for mass production. The client will be able to sew, draft, French drape and grade up to 50 prototype muslin mock-ups, and complete and finish up to 40 complete garments. The client will receive up to 10,000 pages of notes and formulas from up to 40 different modern technical fashion design textbooks used by fashion schools around the world. The client will receive up to 1,500 names and contact information for suppliers and garment factories in Asia.

Program Duration: For more information about the length of this long program, please make an appointment by phone or email to meet and discuss details with us in-person at Vancouver Sewing Classes.

Cost: For more information about the cost of this long program, please make an appointment by phone or email to meet and discuss details in-person at Vancouver Sewing Classes. Inquire about our FREE Bonus Gifts Giveaway. Depending on the Fashion Design Long Program selection our client chooses, we are giving away either one or up to $11,149.00 in FREE BONUS GIFTS!

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